Microsoft Might Replace AMD with Intel in Its Upcoming Xbox


Moin Khot


Feb, 10.2024

Recent rumors suggest that Microsoft might switch from AMD to Intel chips for its upcoming Xbox iterations. Speculations  from tech commentator 'Moore's Law is Dead' swirls as industry watchers anticipate a massive shift with far-reaching implications.

The catalyst for this chatter stems from insights shared by the prominent tech commentator, 'Moore's Law is Dead.' According to this source, Intel may be positioning itself to take the reins in powering the next generation of Xbox consoles. While Microsoft has long-standing ties with AMD for its console hardware needs, recent developments, particularly AMD's collaboration with Sony for the PlayStation line, have opened avenues for potential partnerships elsewhere.

The prospect of Intel entering the console market isn't without precedent. The recent collaboration between Intel and MSI to introduce the Intel-based MSI Claw gaming handheld underscores Intel's ambitions in this arena. Additionally, the OneXPlayer X1 Gaming handheld, another device fueled by Intel's chipset, highlights the company's growing presence in gaming hardware.

For nearly a decade, AMD has been the driving force behind Xbox's hardware capabilities. However, with Intel emerging as a formidable competitor, the dynamics could be poised for a significant shift. Microsoft, in its quest for innovation and strategic partnerships, might find in Intel a compelling ally to spearhead the future of Xbox consoles.

While speculation abounds, the veracity of these claims remains uncertain. The potential collaboration between Xbox and Intel hangs in the balance, awaiting further developments and official confirmations. Should negotiations materialize, it could redefine the landscape of console gaming, ushering in a new era of possibilities.

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Beyond hardware partnerships, recent rumblings surrounding Bethesda's gaming titles further add intrigue to Microsoft's evolving strategy. The notion of Bethesda potentially expanding its horizons to include PlayStation 5 signals a departure from the exclusivity paradigm, hinting at a more inclusive approach from Microsoft.