Valorant PBE Patch Notes 8.03: All Changes


Moin Khot


Feb, 10.2024

Riot Games' top priority has always been to enhance Valorant experience, and the latest Public Beta Environment (PBE) patch notes 8.03 promise just that. Released on 9th February, these updates bring a wave of changes aimed at refining gameplay, boosting esports features, and addressing known issues. Almost all of these changes make it to the main version of the game after being tested on the PBE version. Here are the patch notes of Valorant PBE 8.03.

Valorant PBE Patch Notes 8.03

Following are the patch notes of Valorant PBE Patch Notes 8.03:

Agent Changes


One of the most significant highlights of the patch revolves around Chamber, whose prowess has somewhat waned in recent times. However, Riot Games is determined to reinvigorate Chamber's presence on the battlefield. With careful adjustments to his abilities, players can expect a resurgence in his popularity. Notably, tweaks to Chamber's Headhunter ability and Tour De Force ultimate are set to make him more alluring to pick.

  • Headhunter (Q): Price decreased 150 >>> 100
  • Tour De Force (X): Firing rate increased 0.7 >>> 0.9

Esports Features

Teams Tab:

In line with Riot Games' commitment to fostering the competitive spirit within Valorant, the PBE patch notes 8.03 introduce enhancements to the esports features. Now it is possible to preview each Team’s Capsule Bundle.

Bug Fixes

The issue where in the end-of-game summary, kills per round were incorrectly rounding up has been solved.

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While the PBE platform for Valorant is set to close temporarily on 12th February, these updates are expected to also be implemented in the main version. Players can anticipate a shift in meta as Chamber might reclaim his status as a primary pick.