WWE 2K24 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition: The Shocking Removal of Brock Lesnar from the Cover


Moin Khot


Feb, 09.2024

In a surprising twist for the WWE universe, the latest update surrounding the highly anticipated WWE 2K24 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition unveils the sudden removal of Brock Lesnar from its cover. This unforeseen alteration has stirred a whirlwind of speculation and intrigue among fans and wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

The decision to omit Lesnar from the cover comes amidst a flurry of recent events shaking the foundations of World Wrestling Entertainment. At the center of this upheaval lies a lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon, the esteemed founder and majority stakeholder of WWE, now under the umbrella of TKO.

While the lawsuit primarily implicates McMahon and other executives, Brock Lesnar's tangential involvement has cast a shadow over his association with the company. Although not directly named in the suit, references to a "WWE Superstar" with a background as a former UFC Champion have drawn connections to Lesnar, raising questions about his status within the organization.

Reports from reputable sources such as The Wall Street Journal indicate a series of consequential repercussions for Lesnar following the emergence of the lawsuit. His removal from the Top Trumps game, "WWE SuperCard," coupled with uncertainties surrounding his contractual standing, underscore the gravity of the situation.


The absence of Lesnar extends beyond virtual realms, impacting his anticipated return to televised events such as the Royal Rumble Pay Per View. WWE's cautious approach, refraining from featuring Lesnar on national TV amid legal entanglements, speaks volumes about the severity of the allegations and their potential ramifications.

In a strategic pivot, WWE has opted to replace Lesnar on the WWE 2K24 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition cover, featuring the iconic John Cena alongside the legendary Undertaker. This alteration not only reflects the company's commitment to adaptability but also serves as a symbolic gesture amidst turbulent times.

As the countdown to the release of WWE 2K24 inches closer, the repercussions of Lesnar's removal reverberate throughout the wrestling community. Fans eagerly anticipate further developments while grappling with the implications of this unprecedented shift in the landscape of sports entertainment.

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Scheduled for release on March 8 across multiple gaming platforms, WWE 2K24 promises to deliver an immersive experience celebrating four decades of WrestleMania history. However, the conspicuous absence of Brock Lesnar from its cover serves as a stark reminder of the tumultuous currents reshaping the world of professional wrestling.