Taiga Retires From Competitive Dota 2, Starts a Full-time Career in Streaming


Moin Khot


Feb, 09.2024

Tommy "Taiga" Le, the seasoned Norwegian player renowned in competitive Dota 2, has announced his retirement from professional gaming. However, his departure from the scene is not without its own twists and turns. 

After a brief stint with Bleed Esports, where Taiga attempted to rekindle his passion for the game, he decided to step back from competitive play. This decision comes after a string of disappointing results towards the end of 2023, leaving Taiga teamless and contemplating his next move.

But Taiga's retirement isn't solely about bidding farewell to the Dota 2 scene; it marks a significant shift in his career trajectory. The Norwegian player has unveiled plans to transition into the realm of full-time streaming, a venture that raises eyebrows due to its association with a controversial sponsor.

Expressing his intentions to become a prominent figure in the streaming community, Taiga disclosed his partnership with Kick, a platform notorious for its gambling streams. This revelation has sparked concerns among Dota 2 enthusiasts, especially in light of Taiga's previous struggles with gambling addiction, which he openly addressed at the onset of 2023.

The move to Kick comes amidst a broader trend within the Dota 2 community, with several notable personalities migrating to the platform. However, the reception to this shift has been lukewarm at best, with fans expressing reservations about the implications of blending gaming content with gambling.

Despite his withdrawal from competitive play, Taiga continues to make waves in the Dota 2 landscape through his prowess in ranked matches. Notably, he has achieved a remarkable feat by surging almost 1000 MMR in just ten days, ascending to the 176th rank on the European leaderboard.

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While Taiga's foray into streaming signifies a new chapter in his career, the allure of competitive Dota 2 remains potent. As history has shown, retirements in the world of esports are often transient, with seasoned veterans like Chinese legend Ame making unexpected comebacks.