Donkey Crew takes Last Oasis servers offline for a week; players to be refunded


U Roy


Mar, 30.2020

Donkey Crew's Last Oasis seemed like a promising PvP focused survival multiplayer game, that's until it had its first launch weekend. The Early Access version of the MMO released on Steam on March 26  but fans suffered through really annoying  connection issues, which gradually got worse until players couldn't play anymore. In spite of the deleoping team working really hard, the problems still persisted and now the company has announced that Last Oasis' servers are being taken offline for a week. Players will be fully refunded by Steam irrespective of their playtime.

"I'm sure you noticed our server issues are still ongoing. Many of you are currently not being able to connect to Last Oasis. So we are going to take the servers off for roughly seven days. Our coders have been working day and night to fix this issue and need some sleep. We need to properly investigate why our load testing didn't pick this up and fugure out what went wrong," a developer named Chad, from Donkey Crew, revealed on a Twitter video recently.

Donkey Crew had explained in one of earlier updates that their master server is at fault and that the requests are not going through, so players can't travel from oasis to oasis and at times can't even log in. Last Oasis is about the last surviving humans need to outrun the scorching Sun in a massive Open World, as the earth has stopped rotating. In case you're keen to play Last Oasis, you obviously have to wait at leasta  week till Donkey Crew figures out what is going on with its servers.