Most Lethal Weapons in BGMI: Weapons With Highest Damage


Moin Khot


Nov, 20.2023

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers a plethora of weapons choices to players. It can be overwhelming to pick a single weapon from such an arsenal. A good metric to rate a weapon is its damage output. From Assault Rifles to Sniper Rifles, each category boasts a game-changing weapon that can turn the tide in your favor. In this article, we will have a look at the most lethal weapons in BGMI. 

Weapons With Highest Damage in BGMI 

Here are a few of the best weapons with highest damage output: 


Enter the battlefield armed with the MG3, BGMI's newest Light Machine Gun (LMG). Versatile and lethal, the MG3 offers a unique blend of shooting modes. Opt for the 660 speed mode for mid-range bursts or switch to the 990 speed mode for intense close-quarters combat. With 7.62mm ammunition, the MG3 ensures maximum damage, making it a force to be reckoned with. 

Key Stats:

  •  Damage: 40 
  •  Rate of Fire: 86 
  •  Range: 57 
  •  Magazine Size: 75 
  •  Recoil: 76 
  •  Shooting Modes: 660 and 990 


Secure your spot as a sniper virtuoso with the Arctic Magnum Warfare (AWM). Available exclusively through airdrops, the AWM delivers devastating blows at long range when paired with an 8x scope and suppressor. Dominate the battleground with unparalleled precision. 

Key Stats:

  •  Damage: 105 
  •  Fire Rate: 1.85/seconds 
  •  Magazine: 5 (without extended magazine) 
  •  Ammunition: .300 Magnum 


For intense close encounters, equip the AKM, a preferred weapon among players and esports athletes alike. With a potent combination of damage and fire rate, the AKM utilizes 7.62mm ammunition to inflict high damage and emerge victorious in close-range skirmishes. 

Key Stats: 

  •  Damage: 48 
  •  Fire Rate: 0.1/seconds 
  •  Magazine: 30 (without extended magazine) 
  •  Ammunition: 7.62mm 
  •  Shooting Mode: Single Tap and Auto 


 The DBS, once an exclusive airdrop weapon, now lurks within regular loot, ready to redefine close-quarters combat. Its impressive magazine capacity and high damage output empower players to navigate and triumph in any challenging situation. 

Key Stats:

  •   Power: 95 
  •   Rate of Fire: 79 
  •   Range: 13 
  •   Magazine Size: 14 
  •   Recoil: 44 
  •   Reload Speed: 4 seconds 
  •   Ammunition: 12 Gauge 


 Seize dominance in close-range battles with the Groza, an elite AirDrop weapon. Boasting the highest fire rate and damage among Assault Rifles, the Groza, equipped with 7.62mm ammunition, ensures swift victory for those who wield it. 

Key Stats:

  •  Damage: 45 
  •  Fire Rate: 0.08/seconds 
  •  Magazine: 30 (without extended magazine) 
  •  Ammunition: 7.62mm 
  •  Shooting Mode: Single Taps and Auto 

To master these formidable weapons, dedication and practice are paramount. Navigate the challenges of high recoil, especially with 7.62mm ammunition, and refine your precision to emerge as a true champion on the BGMI battlegrounds. Arm yourself wisely, aim true, and let the firepower lead you to the ultimate chicken dinner victory.