Reckoning Esports Crowned the Champions of The Arena - Valorant At Comic Con Bengaluru


Moin Khot


Nov, 20.2023

Reckoning Esports emerged victorious in The Arena Championship 2023 at Comic Con Bengaluru, hosted by Comic Con India and The Esports Club. Their fierce battle against True Rippers culminated in a 3-1 triumph, marking a spectacular conclusion to the championship. 

Reckoning's path to victory was marked by dominant presence in the playoffs, while True Rippers, resilient and determined, fought their way through the lower bracket to reach the grand finals. The clash between these two Valorant powerhouses showcased exceptional gameplay, solidifying their positions as the top contenders in the event. 

Comic Con Bengaluru The Arena - Valorant Grand Finale Overview 

Map 1 - Lotus 

The best-of-five series kicked off on Reckoning's chosen map, Lotus. The teams engaged in a neck-and-neck struggle until Hvoya from Reckoning Esports shifted into high gear, securing a 14-12 victory over True Rippers in Overtime with an impressive 26 frags. 

Map 2 - Ascent 

The momentum continued on the second map, Ascent, where Karam1l led Reckoning Esports dominated from the beginning. In the first half, Reckoning Esports managed to turn the match in their favor with a 9-3 scoreline. Although True Rippers Esports made a comeback, it felt short because of the massive lead Reckoning built. Reckoning Esports eventually won the map with a 13-9 scoreline. 

Map 3 - Haven 

Haven saw True Rippers Esports make a comeback. True Rippers Esports started off with an impressive performance, managing to secure a lead with 8-4 scoreline. It maintained its performance in the second half and won the map with 13-5 scoreline. 

Map 4 - Breeze 

The tide turned in the favor of Reckoning Esports on the fourth map, Breeze. Reckoning Esports dominated in the first half and secured a lead of 10-2. It maintained dominance in the second half and won the map with 13-4 score, ultimately winning the series with 3-1 score. 

With this triumph, Reckoning Esports claimed the top prize of Rs. 1.5 Lakh from the impressive Rs. 3 Lakh prize pool, leaving True Rippers with a commendable Rs. 1 Lakh.