Elite Dangerous' much-awaited Fleet Carriers starts beta testing in April


U Roy


Mar, 29.2020

Space Flight simulation game Elite Dangerous' much-awaited 16-people Fleet Carrier has been experiencing disappointing delays since the game was launched three years back in 2017. Frontier Developments just announced the carriers are finally ready to launch in beta testing for PC players; the first beta is scheduled to release on April 7 and the final one will come out in May.

Fleet Carriers, which have been described as "mobile starships and trading hubs capable of transporting multiple allies", are meant to function as an operation base for squadrons. They were scheduled to release along with Beyond Update in 2018, but they were reprioritised by Frontier, much to the fandom's disappointment. 

"Since the initial reveal of Fleet Carriers, we've examined the concept of predefined load-outs and decided to invest additional time to ensure that fleet carriers offer the same level of flexibility and customization as other ships within Elite Dangerous. We've done this by adding more loadout options to make your carrier unique, and allow for player-to-player interaction like you've never seen before in Elite Dangerous!" Frontier revealed on their site.

The Fleet Carriers are set to be the game's biggest investment because individually-owned ships will cost 5 bn credits; the Carriers will have 16 landing pads and a range of 500 light years. These Carriers will also equip owners to charge tariffs on all traded goods; this money can be used by players to cover their in-game costs and wages for their crew.