Paradox Interactive is trying to make Crusader Kings III more player-friendly


U Roy


Mar, 29.2020

If you've struggled with the medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings in the past, Paradox Interactive may already know about your troubles because the developers are now attempting to make Crusader Kings 3 more player-friendly. The game which premiered in 2012 is set to come out with Crusader Kings III tis year. Interestingly, Crusaders II was a huge success, despite players complaining about the user interface.

But Paradox Interactive has revealed that it's aware of the clumsy and impractical mechanics of the game and wants to make it better for the third instalment. “We’ve put a lot of effort into making the interface more approachable for people just so that the difficulty and complexity comes from playing the game well and having good strategies instead of finding what number you need or tooltip to find out a piece of information, or Googling what a specific term means," programmer Matthew Clohessy revealed.

Crusader Kings III will reportedly come with a fully-guided tutorial; in the past with Paradox outings, players only got a menu-driven tutorial, which wasn't a lot of help since it is a grand strategy games. Certain in-game features like alert pop-ups and player action suggestions have also been included to make way for a more accessible experience.

Crusader Kings III will be available to play on Steam