Former Fnatic Player Enzo to Reportedly Return to Tier-One VALORANT with Team Liquid


Moin Khot


Sep, 20.2023

According to a report by, the VALORANT community is abuzz with excitement as Enzo Mestari, a former Fnatic star, is reportedly set to make his comeback to the top echelons of competitive VALORANT by joining Team Liquid for the 2024 season. The news marks a significant development in the ever-evolving landscape of professional esports.

Enzo to Reportedly Returns to Tier-One VALORANT

When the 2023 VALORANT season kicked off, it became apparent that several renowned players found themselves on the outside looking in, unable to secure spots on franchised teams. Enzo Mestari, having once donned Fnatic's colors, was among them. However, his exceptional skills propelled him to the finals of Ascension, making a powerful statement about his capabilities and determination to return to the top tier.

Enzo's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. After parting ways with Fnatic in November 2022, he transitioned to an In-Game Leader (IGL) role and played a pivotal role in leading the mixed European squad Apeks to the Ascension EMEA finals in July 2023. His leadership and clutch performances on LAN environments further solidified his reputation as not only a top initiator but also a master of high-pressure situations.

One particular moment that showcased Enzo's clutch prowess was during Fnatic's match against Leviatán at Stage Two Masters in Copenhagen in July 2022. In a nail-biting final map that extended into overtime, Enzo secured a one-vs-three clutch by securing two kills and sticking a defuse. It remains one of the most iconic clutch defuse moments in competitive VALORANT history.

While Enzo couldn't replicate the same level of success with Fnatic in 2023, his legacy as an initiator and clutch player was undeniable. Following Fnatic's less-than-stellar performance at Champions 2022, Enzo was replaced by Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov. Undeterred, Enzo chose to compete as a free agent, aiming to earn his spot back in the world of franchising.

His journey to redemption brought him tantalizingly close, with Apeks reaching the final series of Ascension for the EMEA region. Unfortunately, Apeks was swept 3-0 by an all-French team, Gentle Mates, marking a bittersweet ending to their run.

As the 2024 season offseason began, Enzo's name became linked to major EMEA teams, including Karmine Corp, Giants Gaming, and Team Liquid. Ultimately, the reports confirm that Team Liquid secured his services, raising intriguing questions about their roster dynamics. With Igor “Redgar” Vlasov still signed to the team and having served as the IGL in 2023, Liquid now has the luxury of choosing between two accomplished IGLs, potentially reshaping their competitive strategy.

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Enzo Mestari's return to tier-one VALORANT with Team Liquid is a testament to his resilience and talent, promising thrilling developments in the competitive scene as fans eagerly anticipate his triumphant comeback.