Potential Changes to VALORANT's Lotus Map


Moin Khot


Sep, 20.2023

In VALORANT, map dynamics play a crucial role in shaping the strategies and tactics employed by players. Recently, ValorLeaks, a reputable source for game-related leaks, has uncovered potential adjustments that could significantly alter the playing field on the Lotus map. These proposed changes are poised to bring new challenges and opportunities for both defenders and attackers, potentially revolutionizing the way matches unfold.

Potential Changes to VALORANT's Lotus Map Widens the Battlefield

The most noticeable shift could be seen at the B and C sites. If these changes come to fruition, defenders and attackers alike will find the sites considerably more spacious. The entrance to B site, for instance, has been extended, offering defenders an extra angle to peek from and forcing attackers to be more cautious when rushing in to plant the spike. Moreover, a stack of boxes on the left side of the entrance could provide defenders with an ideal vantage point for surprising their opponents, while a sizable box near the site's ramp adds another layer of complexity to the engagement.

Lotus B-Site Defenders to Benefit From the Changes

The potential changes to B site also include additional obstacles that defenders can utilize to their advantage. These new obstacles promise to provide defenders with even more angles to hold as enemy agents pour into the site. This would add an extra layer of strategy to gameplay, forcing attackers to carefully consider their approach and defenders to adapt to the evolving environment.

Balancing the Battlefield: The adjustments are not limited to B site alone. B link is also slated for a subtle expansion, granting players the ability to peek down A long without fully exposing themselves. This alteration could lead to more diverse strategies and enhance the potential for defenders to gather crucial information about enemy movements.

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While the changes leaked are only related to B and C sites, the VALORANT community is eager to see if A site will receive any tweaks in the future. The proposed adjustments, if implemented, could significantly diversify gameplay on the Lotus map, creating new hideout opportunities for defenders and adding layers of strategy for attackers to unravel.