Forsen's Fake $100M Donations on Twitch Raise Security Concerns


Moin Khot


Sep, 18.2023

The world of online streaming witnessed an unusual incident that highlighted potential security vulnerabilities within popular platforms. Forsen, a renowned Twitch streamer, recently became the focal point of an extraordinary story involving multiple jaw-dropping $100 million donations during one of his live streams. However, what initially appeared to be an astonishing display of generosity turned out to be a perplexing occurrence resulting from a payload exploit within the Streamlabs/Streamelements API, raising significant concerns about the security of streaming platforms.

Forsen's Fake $100M Donations on Twitch: Explained

Forsen, celebrated for his gaming content, was deeply engrossed in a Minecraft stream when a stunning donation from a user named "furrysen" appeared on the screen. Nearly $100 million in value, the donation left Forsen bewildered. He inquired, "How did you do that?" expressing his disbelief.

The shocking revelation quickly followed: the substantial donation was, in reality, a consequence of a payload exploit within the Streamlabs/Streamelements API. This exploit permitted the donation amount to be manipulated, creating the illusion of an extraordinarily generous contribution. This unforeseen twist left Forsen and his community bemused by the audacity of the prank.

Adding to the intrigue, Forsen received two more identical donations, each purportedly valued at $100 million, all originating from an anonymous user.

The clip of Forsen receiving the initial fake $100 million donation rapidly went viral, capturing the attention of the Twitch community. Fellow Twitch streamer XQC reacted to the astonishing moment during one of his own streams, echoing the sentiments of numerous viewers.

Regrettably, Forsen was not the exclusive target of such mystifying donation incidents. Twitch streamer Jankos found himself in a similar situation when he received two fake donations, one for $18 million and another for $8 million. Both donations included the message "Hackerone>twitch."

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While the primary motivation behind these incidents is likely pranking, they underscore the necessity for heightened vigilance and fortified security protocols on streaming platforms. The incident serves as a stark reminder that even the most prominent streaming platforms are not immune to exploits and pranks.