Chinatown Detective Agency's new demo will finally let you be a cyberpunk detective


U Roy


Mar, 28.2020

The cyber noir point and click adventure Chinatown Detective Agency is finally out with a demo; it unravels in the background of a futuristic Singapore that's on the verge of governmental collapse. Created by General Interactive Co, the demo is available to play on

Players can assume the character of a former Interpol agent-turned-private eye Amira Darma, who solves a lot of crucial cases in Chinatown. There are over 30 locations which you can explore, replete with quintessential structured skyscrapers and neon-lit roads. There's also really interestng voice dialogues, the other characters are well-etched out. Players can also control their own resources. 

It follows the format of any point and click game, you gather evidences, talk to uniquely voiced witnesses, and look for clues. You also get to build your case with real leads based on your hunches which will have real-time outcomes on your investigations. You can also assemble a team, build a network and will have to run your own agency.

The Kickstarter page says, "Chasing down leads and gathering up evidence may pay the bills, but Amira’s not just a detective: she’s a businesswoman. You’ll need to keep your staff happy, and the office running smoothly."

Pledges for Chinatown Detective Agency start at $16 / £14 for a digital copy of the game.