Top 5 Close Range Guns in PUBG Mobile


Moin Khot


May, 25.2023

In the adrenaline-fueled battlegrounds of PUBG Mobile, having the right arsenal can mean the difference between victory and defeat. When it comes to close-quarters combat, players need reliable firepower to emerge as the last one standing. In this article, we present the top five close-range guns that will give you the edge in those intense encounters. From high DPS to deadly accuracy, these weapons are essential for dominating the short-range battles.

Top 5 Guns You Should Use To Dominate Your Enemies

5. UZI

The UZI, a classic submachine gun, has been a staple of close-quarters combat in PUBG Mobile. It has a base damage of 26 and high fire rate of 0.048 bullet/s. While its damage output may be slightly lower than some other options, its high fire rate deals explosive damage per second (DPS). Notably,  being a submachine gun, it also has one of the lowest spread in the PUBG Mobile arsenal, making it a deadly weapon in close-range engagements. 

4. UMP45

Starting off our list is the UMP45, a submachine gun that excels in close quarters. It has a base damage of 39 and a fast firing rate of 0.092/s, giving it a deadly damage output per second. Furthermore, it has minimal spread, which delivers deadly accuracy in tight spaces. The UMP45's manageable recoil and high damage per second make it an excellent choice for aggressive players looking to dominate close-range engagements.

3. M762

Next on the list is the M762, a reliable assault rifle boasting high firing rate and formidable DPS. It has a base damage of 46 and high firing rate of 0.086/s. Its rapid stream of bullets makes it a deadly choice for close-quarters combat. What sets it apart is its common availability, making it a popular option in the early stages of the game. Its versatility and manageable recoil contribute to its effectiveness.

2. Groza

The Groza, a rare find exclusively obtainable from air drops, ranks high as a close-range beast. It has a base damage of a whopping 45 and a massive high firing rate of 0.08/s results in a rapid stream of bullets, leading to exceptional DPS. Although it has a massive recoil and high spread, its high DPS overshadows everything. Notably, it is only available exclusively in airdrops.

1. Mk14

At the pinnacle of our list sits the Mk14, a versatile DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) with the highest DPS when used in Auto Mode. Its semi-automatic firing mode provides precision, while switching to fully automatic unleashes a devastating hail of bullets. The gun features a whopping base damage of 61, which is highest among all auto guns, and has a firing rate of 0.09/s. Although its firing rate is relatively much slower than any other gun, its high damage makes it an extremely lethal weapon in close quarters.

In the battlegrounds of PUBG Mobile, these top five close-range guns will serve as your trusted companions, offering reliability, firepower, and precision. Equip yourself with these formidable weapons, and dominate your enemies in the intense battles that lie ahead.