PUMA India Teams Up with Orangutan Esports in Landmark Partnership


Moin Khot


May, 25.2023

In a groundbreaking move that signifies the growing influence of esports in India, global sportswear manufacturer PUMA has announced an exclusive partnership with Orangutan Esports, one of the country's top esports organizations. The collaboration establishes PUMA India as the official kit partner of Orangutan, solidifying the brand's presence in the thriving Indian esports scene.

By combining style with unwavering performance, the #ApeArmy is redefining esports.

We are thrilled to unveil our exclusive partnership with @PUMA as our Performance Partner

In the world of sports, we are not just considered as gamers – we are #AlsoAnAthlete#Orangutan #Pumapic.twitter.com/ygOMQ5kdaI

— Orangutan (@orangutan_gg) May 24, 2023

Under this strategic alliance, Orangutan's esports athletes will proudly don the bespoke official jersey and exclusive merchandise designed specifically for them by PUMA. This synergy aims to enhance the experience of both players and fans alike, while further establishing the brand's foothold in the rapidly expanding Indian esports community.

Jai Shah, Co-Founder of Orangutan Esports, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the potential impact it holds for the esports culture in India. "Our association with PUMA India is a significant step forward. Together, we strive to revolutionize the esports landscape by seamlessly integrating official merchandise with esports teams. This collaboration sets the stage for Orangutan and PUMA to achieve unprecedented growth and success in the esports industry," Shah stated.

Echoing this sentiment, Yash Bhanushali, Founder and CEO of Orangutan Esports, hailed the partnership as a major breakthrough for Indian esports. With the support of PUMA, Bhanushali believes their players will gain access to top-quality gear, empowering them to compete on a global scale with unwavering confidence. He expressed his gratitude to PUMA India for recognizing their vision and unwavering commitment to the growth of esports in the country.

Shreya Sachdev, Head of Marketing at PUMA India, also shared her excitement about the collaboration, highlighting PUMA's dedication to investing in various aspects of youth culture, including sports, fitness, art, cinema, and music. Sachdev affirmed PUMA's commitment to fostering the esports market in India and engaging with gamers nationwide.

To commemorate the partnership's launch, Orangutan and PUMA India released a captivating digital film on social media, proclaiming, "In the world of sports, we are not just considered as gamers - we are #AlsoAnAthlete." The film serves as a powerful reminder of the athleticism and dedication required to excel in the world of competitive gaming.

While this marks PUMA India's second foray into the Indian esports industry, the brand's international collaborations with esteemed organizations such as Gen.G Esports, Cloud9, NAVI, and EVOS Esports further solidify its commitment to the global esports community.