Rumors about the triple-A Superman game as a new PlayStation Exclusive is Probably Fake


Srinanda Bhattacharyya


Mar, 17.2023

A recent alleged leak reveals the existence of a triple-A Superman game in development, although this allegation is almost definitely untrue. The assertion is only the most recent in a string of shocking information that has recently come to light because of Microsoft's efforts to finalise its pending acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

PS5-exclusive Superman games are a work in progress

The legal counsel for Microsoft claims to believe a PS5-exclusive Superman game is in the works, seemingly stating as much in a recent interaction with the UK Competition and Markets Authority. This may not be the first instance in which Sony was compelled to divulge private information to its rival.

According to the March 2 document, which was discovered by ResetEra forum user Angie, "God of War or Superman" are just two of the notable PlayStation exclusives that Microsoft's lawyers contend aren't important to Xbox console sales. They draw the conclusion that owning Call of Duty wouldn't give the company an unfair platform advantage over Sony. While some fans spread this as a rumour, the context surrounding it makes it quite clear that this was not the intention.

This is probably a typo for Spider-Man rather than a real announcement of a new Superman game. An unreleased game cannot, after all, affect selling performance, as is argued in the filing regarding specific exclusives. Even if a top-tier Superman game is in development, it's doubtful that Warner Bros., the publisher of DC Comics, would have permitted it to be a PlayStation-only release. 

The enormous success of Hogwarts Legacy serves as evidence that the corporation has every motivation to release its most popular IPs on as many platforms as possible. The reference of an upcoming Superman game is also unlikely to have been removed from the application before it became public knowledge, as was recently the case with Microsoft's upcoming Xbox console's codename.

The fact that making another Superman game is difficult at best and impossible at worst is one of the key reasons Warner Bros. likely continues to be hesitant to invest in it. A near-omnipotent protagonist runs the risk of quickly boring gamers, thus it wouldn't make sense to limit Superman's powers only to make the gameplay more interesting. To either, there would almost certainly be negative fan reaction.