Blast from the past: Titanfall 2 returns to popularity


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 29.2020

Electronic Arts recently released a lot of games on Steam instead of keeping them locked up on Origin including titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Sims 4. This has really helped many new gamers gets their hands on the title but one game which everyone seems to have wanted was the 2016s Respawn Entertainment first person shooter title Titanfall 2. Learning from the mistakes of Titanfall 1 Respawn really listened to the fans and addressed the issues with this IP giving gamers a more compact and better package in general. Obviously, Multiplayer was a big part of the game and this improved quite a lot with the second entry because it didn't split up its community with season passes or frustrate players with grinding, ensuring everyone could fight together in its tricky, skill-based battles.

Titanfall 2 is skill-based shooting game with advanced movement options like wall running and zip lining much like games such as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It has jet packs, sci fi guns and most importantly mechs called Titans which the players get to control. A mech definitely has a lot of advantages in combat and different mechs offer different play styles, advantages and disadvantages. It’s a heady mix of high-speed parkour fights and heavy metal brawls, with zippy, agile soldiers using grappling hooks and a preternatural talent for sliding to hunt down their foes before diving into huge mechs for an explosive fight. While this is enough on its own Titanfall 2 has a really good single player campaign as well which the first title lacked.

If seen in retrospect, it may be looked upon as one of the best shooters of its time. However, it’s more of an underground favourite as it wasn’t a hit like other games in the very competitive market of shooters. Unfortunately, with the release of titles like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gamers were pulled to those titles rather than Titanfall 2 giving it much less success. It has persevered, however, but not in a way that makes it inviting to new players. Those who stuck around know the game inside out, and catching up can feel like an insurmountable task.

With the game releasing on Steam, thousands of new players have been added to the mix and it’s at the top of the global best sellers list. its concurrent player numbers put it well within the top 100 most played games on Steam. With a peak of more than 9,000 concurrent players, it's proving to be substantially more popular than Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2, at least on Steam.

We now know Respawn because of the successful Apex Legends follow up. Respawn have also not confirmed a sequel to Titanfall 2. But, with the massive reception on Steam it may be the best time to step into a mech and wall run into Titanfall 2 since it’s launch.