Avengers: All we know from the war table


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 29.2020

The Avengers War Table stream gave more details on the upcoming superhero game from Crystal Dynamics, and opened with a big story reveal that outlined the central villain. The presentation also shared loads of gameplay details, including customization options and an in-depth look at Thor. As detailed in the new trailer, the protagonist Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) doesn't trust the promises of AIM and comes to believe that its leader, George Tarleton is experimenting on humans and framed the Avengers. At one point the trailer also mentions that AIM is looking to cure the "Inhuman infection," and comic fans may recognize that Kamala herself is an Inhuman. At one-point Tarleton appears to confront Kamala and attempts to recruit her to his side, but she refuses. By the end of the trailer, Tarleton has become the supervillain MODOK, complete with his enormous head and mechanized hovercraft.

As Khan picks up the Avengers' trail following their disbandment, player will advance the story campaign and unlock hero-specific missions such as "Once an Avenger," which centers on Thor. The mission begins with Thor doing battle against AIM bots. The god of thunder wields his signature hammer Mjölnir and can use it to bash foes with melee attacks or throw it to attack enemies from afar. Partway through the mission, Thor meets up with Hulk, who assists in taking down a larger bot. Iron Man also joins the battle toward the end of the mission, and with his help, the three Avengers are able to destroy the large AIM bot.

The presentation then went on to explore the customization options. A tech tree showed branches for Melee, Ranged, Intrinsic Ability, and Intrinsic Overcharge. One of Thor's unlockable abilities, for example, was manual targeting for his hammer, Mjolnir. In addition to unlocking your tech tree, you can also use skill unlocks for upgraded or alternate versions of attacks. Gear, Perks, and Artifacts offer more customization. Those include attack buffs like Plasma and Gamma that can change the look and power of your attacks, as well as special effects like shrinking enemies. The presentation promised dozens of outfits based on famous looks for the heroes, as well as emotes. The customization section also explored their Heroic Moves, which come in three varieties: Assault, Support, and Ultimate. Assault charges the fastest and can even store multiple charges, and are essentially strengthened attacks such as Iron Man’s chest repulsor. Support has a longer charge than Assault, and gives effects to team members. Thor's, for example, grants temporary invulnerability to nearby teammates. Finally, Ultimate abilities take the most charge time and are the most powerful. Again, using Thor as an example, the presentation showed him using the power of the Bifrost to eliminate an otherwise unbreakable shield. Marvel's Avengers is coming on September 4 to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The complete stream below: