Apex Legends bunkers may open soon


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 29.2020

 Season 5 for Apex Legends launched in May and introduced multiple new additions and changes. These included the new legend Loba, the season quest and changes to the terrain of kings. A new weapon is also rumored to be coming out soon in the next season. One of the first new things to check when season 5 launched, was the strange bunker carved into the cliff face near the Broken Coast South area of Kings Canyon. Though it was not exactly a huge payoff in terms of loot, except a legendary knockdown shield, an Apex Legends data miner speculates there may be more and much better-quality loot when the bunkers open.

On twitter data miner Shrutgal revealed four terminal stations which will open soon over the course of a week starting on June 16. Each bunker will contain a legendary item including the already seen legendary knockdown shield as well as golden Prowler, Sentinel, and Havoc weapons. Judging from the locations displayed in the tweet, here is a list of what we can find the bunkers:

1.Terminal F-85 Station, opening June 16-23: Legendary Knockdown Shield

2.Terminal Station W-73, opening June 23-30: Golden Prowler

3.Terminal Station O-240, opening June 30-July 7: Golden Sentinel

4.Terminal Station L-19, opening July 7-14: Golden Havoc

The Terminal may look like a jumble of words but if we remove the numbers and disregard the chronological order, they spell WOLF which refers to Apex Legends’ newest hero Loba added in season 5. Each bunker will likely be filled with regular loot, and the golden items will have set spawns, according to Shrugtal. If they're correct, all four bunkers should be open for players to raid by July 14. Shrugtal's tweet also mentions a quest-related bunker, but that isn't in the picture.

Here is the link for the tweet: