Torchlight III New Act Trailer Revealed! Will arrive in the upcoming update!


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Jun, 29.2020

On June 26, 2020, the official YouTube channel of Torchlight uploaded a new trailer for their upcoming Torchlight III. Just as the name suggests, Torchlight III is the third and the latest installment to the Torchlight III series of games. Here is the Trailer:

In this new trailer called, Torchlight III - Echonok Reveal Trailer, we are shown a new location that will be playable in this upcoming Torchlight game. This location also turns out to be the third and the final Act of the campaign for this game. The trailer shows lots of locations of the new Act. Echonok was once inhabited by the Dwarves who were known for their exceptional building skills. But, now there are no signs of life in here. However, the treasures of the Dwarves are still protected by the Automatas. These are steam-powered robots who wander these ruins, and attack any intruders who dare to come here. Then we are revealed to another enemy faction called the Vulutra. These creatures are scavengers who survive of the remains and scraps of others. They use these scraps and remains to not only make new architecture and weaponry. But, to modify their mutated bodies as well, they will attack anyone who would try to take away their possessions. After that, near the end of the trailer, we even got to see some of the gameplay of Torchlight III in this new Act.

In the latest blog post, State of the Game: Week 2, we got to know a whole lot of new information regarding the game. The post was made by Max Schaefer, CEO & Founder of Echtra. It talked about how they have been taking the player feedback from the last few weeks. Torchlight III became available on Steam as an early-access game just a few weeks back. Ever since then, the developers have been listening to the community and doing what they can. Max also stated his thanks to the community for their valuable opinions and suggestions.

The post also mentions about a major update that will launch in the following week. In this update, we would get the new Act 3 in the Echonok mountains. We would also see the return of Contracts and the Fame system. Other than that, we would also get a whole lot of bug fixes, and changes to several game mechanics. The game mechanic changes include changes to the Lifebound system, Relic skills, UI, etc.

Considering Echonok is the last and final act of the campaign, it would seem that most of the work is done. Torchlight III might come out of its early-access very soon indeed.