Biomutant new gameplay revealed!


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Jun, 27.2020

The first time we heard of Biomutant was in Gamescom 2018. Biomutant is the upcoming open-world action role-playing game by THQ Nordic and Experiment 101. Since then, we did not get too much new information regarding this game. But, that changed a few days ago.

On June 25, 2020, after 2 long years, we finally got to see some new gameplay, thanks to a gameplay interview in IGN’s Summer of Gaming 2020 event. This one is 9 minutes long and shows a lot of gameplay and reveals a lot of new information about Biomutant. Stefan Ljungqvist, Creative Director of Experiment 101 says that this delay was mostly due to the game being a large one,. Another reason being the high complexity of the game and the world being 8x8KM large. To further make things worse, the team is a small one as well.

In the interview, lots of info about Biomutant is revealed. The size of the world, character customization, character powers, RPG leveling system, among many other things. Stefan Ljungqvist talked about how you can prioritize different traits/powers of your character. Another interesting thing that was revealed was crafting. Various types of gears can be crafted with various types of materials, so there are a lot of variations regarding that. In this gameplay, a big toothbrush was modified to a new weapon. He claims the gears to have thousands of combinations, and millions for ranged weapons. He also talked about crafting specific gear for specific objectives, like you would have to craft an oxygen mask for a dead zone, or warm jacket for doing mission in cold zones, etc. 

We are also introduced to some of the bosses of Biomutant. There is a huge Tree Of Life in this world, with its roots spreading to 4 corners of the world. On each corner of the roots, there is a huge boss. They are called ‘world-eaters’ and to fight some of them you would use different vehicles, like submarines, mechs, etc. So some boss fights you would be on foot, and some using special equipment.

Near the end of the interview, Stefan Ljungqvist claims that they are at the end phase of the development of this game. However, a game this big has several issues and requires lots of bug fixes, and other quality of life changes. So that’s what they are upto right now. With that said, it seems that we are very close to the release of Biomutant and are certainly very excited about it. Biomutant looks very interesting and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.