Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 brings a second dose of 8-bit Castlevania to Steam


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 27.2020

The gaming industry participants will recall the time when Bloodstained had initially hit Kickstarter. It was with a promise of a brand new recreation from the veteran Castlevania director Koji Igarashi. The game promised was quite similar to Symphony of the Night. However, there was surprise in store because fans had initially waited for the launch of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night from the renowned director and Artplay. 

Inti Creates was the first to bring in the surprise and it was in the form of a prequel built in the image of 8- bit classics. The latest update is that the side project is getting a sequel titled Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2. 

This game has plenty of similarities to the original and you start it as a sword wielding hero. The central character here is Zangetsu. He progresses rigorously through the gothic stages and fights the big bosses. The journey has been full of adventure and he has collected allies, abilities on the way. Gaming fans will get to see Dominique here and the focus of attraction is his long reaching spear attacks. The high jump of Dominique will also attract the attention of fans. Robert should also be in focus for his ranged musket attack abilities. He can do more such as crawling through tight spaces and even can jump walls with ease. 
One more character which we would like to mention is Hachi, a Welsh corgi. There is a curse on him to eternally pilot a magical streamwork by the name mech. One can refer to this character as the tank of the group. This character has the ability to hover short distances and even simply roll over environmental hazards.  

This is a game, which has created excitement amidst gaming fans and it will be arriving soon on Steam. It is alongside one can access this game on PS4, Xbox One and even Switch. There are plenty of gaming fans who loved The first curse of the Moon. An initial insight suggests that this one is also exciting and we just hope that it is equally robust.