The Division 2: Warlords Of New York Season 2 Is Live


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 26.2020

There is a big news update for gaming fans and the specific feedback is that the second season of The Division 2 has finally seen a launch.  This one is special because it brings in plenty of new content to the game. We checked out and could locate that there are abundant new targets, missions and loots. The specific title given to the show is Keener’s Legacy. 

As a player you have a task to perform and that is to prevent the machination of a rogue cell left over by Aaron Keener. The rules of the game are simple and it states that after the end of three weeks, a new target is raised for the players to take down. However, there is a need to wait until the end of the three month long season to defeat them entirely. 

We got a look and found out that this current season had plenty of similarities with Season 1. This current season has a requirement for Warlords of New York expansion to play. There have of course been some interesting additions in the form of two new exotics. Your focus is sure to be on it and the first one is a skill variant. The other one is a gearset to the game. As a player you always have the liberty to purchase a Season 2 pass. This is going to offer some additional loot for the trouble. This season has more on offer in the form of league challenges, global events for the game. 

Ubisoft has undertaken some basic functions to prepare for Keener’s Legacy.  They have undertaken the task of rolling out several recent patches as a preparation. One of the recent rollouts had an impact and it boosted the damage to most of the weapons. The highlight inclusion of this season is in the form of a raid dubbed as Iron Horse. The specific update is that this bit is not yet ready but awaiting a 30th June release. Ubisoft says that it is sure to present an ultimate challenge to the players. There is a special bounty on offer, if you complete it first. Do you have a nice adept strike team? One will surely want to test them against it.