A Skyrim x Rick and Morty crossover becomes reality with this new mod


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 25.2020

One is bound to run into plenty of interesting Skyrim mods these days and they are offering a lot. You come across graphical overhauls or even some new quests for power through. In fact a nifty mod has also attracted attention and it lets your Dovahkiin achieve the objective. These developments are exciting for gaming freaks and the latest news update from our end will increase the excitement even more. The precise news update, which we would like to share, is for Rick and Morty fans. We found out that a specific modder has crafted not one but two Skyrim quests. It has been inspired by the animated sci-fi-sitcom. 

They are titled as Jgovs’ new ‘The Sitting Stone and Real Fake quest. It is a Ricky and Morty tribute Mod and there has been inclusion of two fully voiced quests. The intent of this voice inclusion is to celebrate this popular animated show liked by all. The modder has also got an interesting addition and says that it is now with Szechuan Saucel Sweet. 

We checked the mod page but it did not give much clue on what precisely the two quests entail. However, it is via the names, we were able to make a few guesses. We could feel that it has been inspired slightly by the episode Rickmansing the Stone. It is easy to guess the inspiration behind the other one and that is largely due to the presence of highlighted images. It is from the images we could guess that the intent is to offer a tribute to the show’s Real Fake Door Commercial. It is an advertisement for doors, which may look real, but do not move anywhere. 

The quest is kicked off by the Real Fake Door Skyrim salesman and he can be tracked to a little hut southeast of Markarth in game. He also looks to mirror the show’s calling out.  This is just the game ideal for participants in search of mystery doors and they go nowhere. The only drawback of the second quest is that it is short, but the maker’s are open to suggestions regarding improvement. You are sure to love it a lot.