Epic’s free games have brought in player numbers that rival Steam


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 25.2020

There is a news update for Epic Game fans and the precise feedback is from the game store “Vault” campaign. We would like to announce the inclusion of a free game into the store. It has however not arrived and will be made available in week time. The big news update is that right at this moment; it has been hidden by a bank vault door. They have kicked off free copies of Grand Theft Auto V and it has already been a huge hit for Epic. Such was the success of the campaign that it ended up with record setting numbers in terms of user engagement at the Epic Games Store. 

We also got a news update from the Epic Storefront and they boasted of two significantly large milestones during the campaign. The first update is that the daily concurrent user peak hit a record figure of 13 million. The other key piece of statistics to note was the monthly active users on PC. It reached an unimaginable figure of 61 million. If you draw a comparison, one may find that Steam remains comfortably ahead in the MAU figure. However, in this campaign Epic achieved the target of 13 million peak concurrent users right from May 14th to June 18th. This is an extremely competitive number achieved on Valve’s older platform. 

The excitement was summed up by Epic Game Store GM Steve Allison. He says that the results have exceeded the expectations by a significant margin. Steve had more to say and spoke that in this current year 2020, they are growing at a historic rate. We also found out that the Epic Games Store partner have a significantly large audience of players to sell the games.

The Epic Game Store is just a recent launch and was introduced in late 2018. However, in this short duration, it has achieved a lot. The fact that it has been able to achieve a user level comparable to Steam is praise worthy. The Epic Store management has however offered some inducement of free games, but still one cannot ignore this great feat achieved.