CS:GO Update - Valve kicks out spin defuse, adds new music kit “All for Dust” by Amon Tobin


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Jun, 23.2020

Valve has released a brand-new CS:GO update,that fixes a major inconvenience. The so-called “spin defusal” has been kicked out from the realm of possibilities, which is actually a quite game-altering fix. The technique of rapid movement – effectually spinning around, was most often used in pistol rounds when the defending terrorists can’t just spray you down, but need to nail a clean shot. Which, go figure, is made extra difficult when the target is moving at random all of the time. The new CS:GO update also makes it impossible to apply graffiti to translucent surfaces  and has also added in a new music kit for good measure.
A description of the new CS:GO music kit reads: "From the producer who brought you the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory OST, Amon Tobin lends his unique aesthetic to CS:GO… this time through tube amplifiers."
Thanks for making the new fix and no thanks for adding another music kit. We all are still waiting for the Source 2 update to arrive aren't we. Lets hope they are working on it and is going to release it soon.Until then we can just keep our hopes alive cus that's what making us play the game even more.

In Valve We Trust

CS:GO update patch notes

Bomb defusal progress will now reset if the defusing player turns too rapidly while defusing.
Translucent surfaces are now ineligible for applying graffiti.

A new music kit “All for Dust” by Amon Tobin is now available for purchase in-game.

When players open containers or receive items during the match, text filtering will no longer apply to names of received items in chat messages.