CS:GO Player recieves death threats for allegedly cheating In the cs_summit 6 North America Regional Qualifier


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Jun, 24.2020

16-year-old CS:GO pro Nathan “leaf” Orf has been bombarded with accusations of cheating and what’s much worse – threats of violence and even death by fanatical mibr fans. These accusations and resulting threats come after leaf’s team Chaos Esports Club delivered a big fat L to Made in Brazil in the cs_summit 6 regional qualifier. 

After the match multiple posts were made to Reddit and Twitter where people accuse Chaos of cheating. A lot of clips were posted of Chaos’ recent matches with a lot of commenters agreeing they seem suspicious. Tarik “tarik” Celik of Evil Geniuses uploaded two clips to Twitter and voiced his opinion. “Not going to lie, the aimlock clips look sketch to me. I ain’t saying nothing tho. I never understood how that kind of stuff happens so regularly for some people.”

We can all agree that these moments do make you pause for a second. Natural crosshair placement is not something you would call the things seen in the video.even if he is proven to be guilty of cheating at a later point, threatening a 16 year old kid for his actions is not right. It not only degrades the community standards of the game but also raises concern for the safety of players.

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo of MIBR also took to Twitter to state his opinion after the match. “I’m not calling people cheaters until there’s proof, they’ve called me a cheater in the past and it can be horrible. Let’s wait until these accusations are either debunked or confirmed. I did find all the uploaded clips suspicious.” He also reacted to Tarik’s orginal post. “3 Blatant aimlocks in the same series?”