All we know about FIFA 21 so far! Release date, Editions, etc.


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Jun, 24.2020

During the EA Play Live event, we got to know lots of new information about various EA Games. We learned of the upcoming Star Wards Squadrons, Crossplay in Apex: Legends, etc. During this event, we also got more information about the upcoming FIFA 21. 

We got to know about the release date of the much-awaited, fan-favorite FIFA game. FIFA 21 will launch on October 9 and will be available for PC (through Origin), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Later it would come on Steam and needless to say will be available on the upcoming new-gen consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X. There is something very interesting they did in regards to platform compatibility. Turns out, that PC will be getting the same version of the game as the older gen consoles. This news is a let down for many PC gamers who are a fan of the FIFA series.

The newer gen consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox X would get an updated version of FIFA 21 with revamped textures, graphic effects, etc. Whereas, PC and the older gen consoles would get the standard version with no texture improvements Electronic Arts also introduced the Dual Entitlement. Thanks to this you won’t have to buy this game separately for both platforms. If you buy it for the current-gen console, then you would be able to play with the newer gen console without buying it again. All you have to do is download FIFA 21 before the release of FIFA 22 on the new-gen console.

FIFA 21 will be available in three different versions with each having different pricing. The more expensive versions will just give you 3 days early access, and some pre-unlocked content. The 3 editions are as follows:


  • FIFA 21 Standard Edition 
  • FIFA 21 Champion Edition
  • FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition 

As you all know, Electronic Arts’ gaming subscription services, EA Access, and Origin Access allow the users to get early access to upcoming games. So, if you have Origin Access or EA Access, you can start playing from October 1, 2020. Other than that, you also get 10% discount for Origin store games if you are a user of EA Access or Origin Access.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the FIFA games. FIFA is the most popular soccer video game developed and published by Electronic Arts. Each year, a new FIFA game gets released and has sold over 280 million copies worldwide.  FIFA has been the most selling sports game series worldwide and every year the game is heavily awaited by its fans. FIFA 21 is the newest addition to this series of video games.