Valorant Ranked mode releasing next week,confirms director of VALORANT, Joe Ziegler


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Jun, 16.2020

The game director of VALORANT, Joe Ziegler, took to Twitter to share some more information about the upcoming Ranked playlist. He confirmed that competitive mode is coming and it might be as soon as next week, as he remained vague about an exact date. “To answer the biggest question: rated (competitive mode) will likely be out some time next week. We’re spending this week putting together that release and making sure it is good.”During the Valorant closed beta, players had the opportunity to try out the game’s ranked mode.The Ranked playlist wasn’t included in the closed beta and full release of the game, because the developers wanted more time to fine-tune and optimise the game so they could offer a more valuable competitive experience. 



While most players were thrilled to finally hear the news, many also criticized other aspects of the game which need to be addressed. A couple of examples would be the in-game sound and walking accuracy. The latter is often regarded as a bad mechanic that rewards “unskilled” players and the run and gun playstyle, which is not what one would expect from a tactical shooter. Others just complained about high skin prices. This means that this week there will be no updates, as is confirmed by Pwyff (Riot developer on Reddit) when he commented on another issue(Sovereign Ghost bug) a few days ago. Details on VALORANT’s competitive scene remain scarce, but chances are we’ll get some more reveals once Ranked play is firmly in place.So,if you are eager to test your Valorant skills against other players in a competitive ranked mode, you will not have to wait for long.

Valorant ranked mode FAQ

How do I unlock ranked?
For you to begin playing competitive matches, you'll need to play 20 unrated matches. Once complete, you'll be able to officially start competitiv games.

Can I play ranked with friends?
If you have friends who were able to get into the VALORANT, then a huge congratulations to you all first and foremost. Secondly, you can officially queue with a party of 5 other Agents, but be aware, there is some balancing here to ensure that your fellow VALORANT VALORANT player, doesn't queue up with your Iron ranked friends.

Is there ranked decay?
Yes, VALORANT is much like other competitive games in that being unable to play competitive games for a certain period will gradually cause your VALORANT rank to decay, at higher levels, of course, so Platinum and above beware and get those games in!

Will My Rank Reset If I Haven't Played In A While?
No. Your rank doesn't reset in Valorant if you haven't played in a while, but if you're inactive for 14 days, it will be temporarily "hidden" until the next time you play a match. That doesn't mean it's disappeared or decayed, just that it won't be displayed for other players until you become an active player again yourself.
"We want to be confident that when others see your rank, it's an accurate reflection of your skill," Riot explains.

Will My Competitive Rank Carry Over After The Beta?
No. After the Valorant beta is over and the game officially launches, all competitive ranks will reset. You will have to follow Riot's instructions for achieving a new competitive rank based on the rules at that time. We don't know how the competitive ranked system might change before launch, so we can't say much more than that.