Guide For The Frontline Battalion Phase Heist Event Of Apex Legends Mobile


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 25.2022

The latest in-store event of Apex Legends Mobile, the Frontline Battalion Phase Heist, is live. The new event brings exciting opportunities to the players. The event brings 18 different unlockable prizes to Apex Legends Mobile and also allows the players to grab the chance to unlock one of the four different Eternal-tier cosmetic skins. 

The Eternal cosmetics come with unique details such as animated skins and highly-detailed designs. The event, Frontline Battalion Phase Heist, has four Eternal skins. The Eternal skins are one each for Bangalore, Caustic, Triple Take and Hemlock. But claiming all of these four skins is a challenging task. The following contains steps to help the players crack the Frontline Battalion Phase Heist event and win all four Eternal cosmetics. 

Unfolding the Frontline Battalion Phase Heist Event 

To play the Frontline Battalion Phase Heist event, the players will first have to open Apex Legends Mobile and navigate to the store’s “Featured” section. On reaching the Featured section, they will have to select the “Emporium”, where they will find an ad for Frontline Battalion. Next, by selecting the ad, the players will go to the main page, which will display the rules and cosmetics included in the new Phase Heist. 

The main event screen will feature a list of six prizes. To claim the prizes, the players must open the reward boxes up for purchase at the screen bottom. These reward boxes are available at one for 30 Syndicate Gold or six for 180 Syndicate Gold. The prizes in the Coordinated Chip pool include Flux, 3 Challenge Cards, Apex Pack and Coordinate Chip. 

In between each round, the value of the rewards increases. The goal is to claim a Coordinate Chip each round. Opening six boxes per round is a requirement for the players. The Coordinated Chip allows the players access to the Black Gold Vault of the event from where they can select any Frontline Battalion cosmetic. Hence, 12 Coordinated Chips will give the players 12 skins from the event’s Black Gold Vault. 

The Frontline Battalion Phase Heist Event will remain available until July 12 on iOS and Android platforms.