Final Fantasy X Is Returning To The New Crossover Event, War Of The Visions


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 24.2022

The latest crossover event, War of the Visions, will feature the return of the Final Fantasy X characters. The event, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, is Square Enix's free-to-play mobile gacha game. For the third time, the Final Fantasy X characters Yuna, Tidus and Auron, alongside the Final Fantasy summon, Valefor, as a vision card for the first time, will be available in this crossover event. 

The event is active and will run till August 2, giving the players a lot of time to collect the Final Fantasy characters they do not already possess. In the War of the Visions event, the protagonist, Tidus, will be available for free as a login reward to the players. Auron and Yuna will be summonable through the War of the Visions' gacha system. The Final Fantasy units, which are of limited availability, are grouped as Ultra Rare or UR. Each character coming to the event possesses special skills that will enhance the players' experience. 

Breaking down the skills of the Final Fantasy X characters 

Tidus: The mighty Tidus will feature in the Water-type UR unit. Its main job is Abes' Star Player and has the sub-job of Paladin and Samurai. His skills are Blitz Ace Limit Burst, Quick Hit and Hastega, and he possesses a high ATK stat. 

Yuna: Yuna is a strong Light-type UR unit with the main job of the Summoner of Spira, and her sub-jobs are Kotodama Wielder and Green Mage. Her skills include Energy Ray Limit Burst based on caster's MAG stat, Reraise and Holy. 

Auron: A powerful Ice-type UR unit, Auron has the main job of Legendary Guardian, and his sub-jobs include Pugilist and Soldier. Auron has Tornado Limit Burst capability, God-Killer and Banishing Blade skills, enhancing his power.

Valefor vision card: The Valefor vision card with a Light-type esper of UR rarity features Evocation Magic, Energy Blast and comes with the abilities to activate a Map effect, increasing the ATK and MAG of the allies and many more.

In the War of the Visions event, the players will get the exclusive opportunity to claim these characters and enjoy the game.