Fortnite: The New Season


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 19.2020

EPIC Games’ free-to-play battle royale Fortnite is now officially the most played game in the world and its last event called “The Device” has been deemed a huge success by the company. The large fanbase of Fortnite however have been waiting a long time for the next Season. Season 3 got delayed many times at first due to the outbreak and then due to the black lives matter protests that erupted worldwide. 

However, finally the Fortnite update everyone was waiting for is here. The latest season is one of the most discussed topics among gamers as a new season brings along with it some newer features and additions to the game. Various additions and comebacks to the game have been teased with EPIC games releasing quite a few teasers on Chapter 2 Season 3.  

The previous teasers for the latest season were mainly focused on the marine theme.The teaser shift to the astronomical aspects of the latest season has increased the intrigue among the gamers about the latest season of Fortnite. Stars haven't been away from the Apollo Island on Fortnite. The end of Season X in Fortnite features the rockets of Seven, which also consisted of the destruction of the map caused by the meteor fall. This latest teaser featuring an astronaut in Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 3 has kicked off a number of theories on the internet amid avid Fortnite gamers about the return of the astronauts. 

Players are very excited to witness what is going to come in the battle royale game. This new season will bring some new and exciting things which are sure to leave us awed. EPIC games said they have added some unexpected surprises that the fans will not anticipate. This new content is a move to keep the fans busy throughout the season, followed by the Device event which had some major hints about the upcoming Season 3. However, there will be a downtime. According to Epic Games, Fortnite servers are scheduled to go offline on June 17, on all major platforms from 02:00 AM ET i.e. 06:00 AM UCT or 11:30 AM IST. 

The Fortnite Downtime means all the modes will be unplayable for the duration of the maintenance period. During this maintenance period, developers update and present the newer version. Today i.e. June 17, 2020, the Fortnite Season 3 update is going to release. Reports have estimated that Fortnite downtime today could last for three hours leaving the game unplayable for that period of time. 

Epic Games has recently announced that the downtime for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 will begin on June 17 at 2 AM ET in the US, 7 AM BST in the UK and June 17 at 11:30 AM in India. Players will be able to complete the Battle Pass challenges until the gaming servers are taken offline for maintenance. There have also been some leaks online suggesting that the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 will feature an underwater map.