Exciting updates and Announcements made on the 35th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy


Soumi Sarkar


May, 22.2022

The year 2022 is a big year for the final fantasy game. The franchise is enjoying its 35th
Anniversary and a prominent announcement on this milestone will be announced. There are
multiple individuals with FF titles. The game has achieved other anniversaries, including Final
Fantasy V’s 30th Anniversary, Final Fantasy VII’s 25th Anniversary, and FF’s XI’s 20th
Anniversary, which takes place around this year.

In the recent earnings, the call is being translated by David Gibson. Square Enix announcements
for Final Fantasy’s 35th-anniversary celebration are more likely to end this month of June. The
summer game fest and other events will take place, and some new updates will possibly
work out here.

FFVII Remake Part II

In this game, Final Fantasy VII- The First Soldier Stream is said to be in the news that will come
in June. The updates are likely to be in the information and related parts. The FFVII news is not
strictly related to part II; it’s about other events in the game. Nomura has even revealed that the
FFVII remake part II will start right after the intergrade. It contrasts with the atmosphere with a
different tone in traversing the wilds instead of roaming in Midgar.


The FFXVI trailer and a firm launch date where the producer of the game Naoki Yosida of
FFXIV fame confirmed that the FFXVI's trailer is ready. It is during the Nier Reincarnation
crossover stream. The trailer is entirely prepared, but it is delayed due to some unknown reasons,
yet it will be released soon on the release date. The development of the game has been delayed
much due to the covid. There are new skills that the gamers will explore with the further
adventures of the game.

FFIX Remake

It was a part of the Nvidia Geforce Leake that contains numerous potential unannounced games.
The possible upgrades are skeptical in terms of validating the peak. In the period that will be released with the titles like GTA remasters, Crysis 4, and Street Fighter 6. The most
implausible title will be leaked in the Kingdom of Hearts IV, in April. It is a high-definition game with updated characters and movies, and models included in the game.

As a part of the anniversary celebration of Square Enix, the collaboration with Uniqlo is being
released on the graphic t-shirt that makes every FF game exciting. The news updates make the
gamers more interested in the FF game in all respects.