Currently A Ranged Attacker, Espeon Is Available on Pokemon Unite


Soumi Sarkar


May, 18.2022

Pokemon Unite, an online free-to-play multiplayer battle arena game, has released a new addition to the roster. It is a popular MOBA that features Pokemon both on the Switch and on the mobiles. The latest addition to the roster is Espeon. The players can get Espeon either by completing missions or purchasing it with real money.  

About Espeon

Espeon has the role of the Ranged Attacker and possesses great offensive and some support abilities. It ranks lower in Endurance, Scoring, and Mobility. The attacks delivered by Espeon are capable of reducing the movement speed of the opponents, which provides an opening for the other team members to score or go for the kill option. Espeon is sure to add more psychic power to the player’s team. Espeon is ready to battle the opposing team in various mind-boggling attacks as a Ranged Attacker. This latest Pokemon begins every match in the game as Eevee later evolves into Espeon upon reaching Level 4. 

Espeon has low endurance and is slow in movement, which means it can easily get knocked out if left alone in the game. The players must carefully position the team if they plan to play with Espeon. 

How to get Espeon?

The players can get Espeon for free by earning 2000 mission points. The maximum mission points granted to the players are 220, and the weekly mission points are 700. Thus, if the players can play daily missions every day, they can get Espeon in a week. 

The Abilities of Espeon

  • Basic Attack (once evolved): It becomes a boosted attack associated with a beam of fire.
  • Ability, Magic Bounce (once evolved): Helps Espeon to become immune to hindrances temporarily. 
  • Swift: It helps shoot star-shaped rays at the enemies.
  • Psyshock: Unlocked in Level 4 and releases psychic projectiles.
  • Stored Power: Unlocked in Level 4 and is an AoE attack.  
  • Growl: Deals with damage.
  • Psybeam: Unlocked in Level 6, a ranged attack capable of hitting multiple Pokemon. 
  • Future Sight: Unlocked in Level 6 helps select a Pokemon to lock into and then unleash the attack.
  • Unite Move Psychic Solare: An AoE attack that throws enemies into the air.