Riot announces ignition series Esports league


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 17.2020

Riot games have unveiled its big plans for Valorant with the new Ignition series to begin next week. 

The Ignition Series is somewhat like the Overwatch League, with multiple events happening all over the world. The first event in the series will be the G2 Esports Valorant Invitational and the Rage Valorant Japan Invitational, both of which are being held on June 19, 2020. The G2 Invitational will feature eight teams from across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) territories competing for a €15,000 prize, running from June 19-21. 

In another move that's similar to the Overwatch League, the teams will be split by region, not by sponsor, meaning Teams UK, Dach, Nordics, Poland, France, Balkans, Beleux and Iberia. However, the big twist is that sets the G2 invitation apart is that the captains of each team won't know for sure who will be playing on their team until the day before the tournament begins. 
According to G2 this is to reward the "adaptability, communication, and teamwork". But a move like this is also bound to create some drama and tension as well which really makes it more exciting. 

The Rage Invitational will be playing for the much smaller prize pool of 500,000¥ (€4127). This is a much more traditional epsorts affair. 16 teams will be competing with teams such as DetonatioN Gaming and Jupiter both being invited to participate. A full list of entrants hasn't been confirmed, but we are expecting to hear more about it on June 16. For North America the while an event has not been announced yet, the dates are known. Riot has confirmed the American stretch of the Ignition Series will begin between June 26-28. 

Another event in Europe during those dates is also due to be announced closer to the time as well. Valorant has only launched a few weeks ago on June 6th but to have multiple international tournaments for it on different continents is really commendable. 
It really shows Riot’s commitment to making Valorant a big event in esports for which no stone will be left unturned. As far as how successful it will be, only time will tell. The Valorant Ignition Series will begin on June 19 with the G2 Invitational, which will be viewable live on the G2 Twitch stream.