Overwatch has broken all previous records by achieving 1 million viewership mark on Twitch




Apr, 29.2022

For the first time in its all-time history, the game of Overwatch has achieved the miraculous accomplishment of breaking the viewership mark of 1 million viewers on Twitch. It is plausible that this record-setting viewership has taken place all thanks to the promise from the developers to provide access to players in the beta period of Overwatch 2.

The milestone was toppled by Overwatch on the 27th of April, at around 12:45 PM Central Time (11:15 PM Indian Standard Time). The success of Overwatch has been continuing for some time now. This 1 million viewership mark was the second big number to hit in 2 days, all thanks to the access given to the public for the Overwatch 2 beta. The breaking of records has been continuing for the past two days, when on April 26th, Overwatch hit nearly 500,000 viewers on Twitch-the first day when players were allowed to stream content from the beta version of Overwatch 2. 

To gain entry into the beta period of Overwatch 2, all that players needed to do was rack up four hours of total watch time from 12 p.m. Central Time to 8 p.m. Central Time. Players need to select particular streamers in the Overwatch category on Twitch, and cumulatively gain four hours of total watch time.

It seems that a lot of players have been able to gain access to the Overwatch 2 beta period. Popular streamer and fantastic gamer xQc lodged himself at the top of the creators' list for Overwatch with a whopping 150,000 viewers in just 1 hour, by 1 PM CT. xQc was closely followed by a former OWL pro, Seagull, who garnered approximately 110.000 viewers. Other streamers from the Overwatch community, such as KarQ, and Emongg, have gained 50,000 viewers each.

The official Twitch channel for Overwatch will also host a 'Beta Bash' stream with both developers and creators participating in it, which will surely boost viewership to a much higher extent. 

Before the record for the viewership was set at 1 million, the previous record for viewership on the streaming site was 439,152 on the opening day of Overwatch's inaugural session, which was originally hosted on Twitch.