The Crowdfunding Campaign for Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies has begun.


Srinanda Bhattacharyya


Apr, 26.2022

The successor to the best-selling board game Sleeping Gods has begun a fresh
crowdfunding drive. Red Raven Games opened the Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies
Game found a crowdfunding campaign this week and has already collected almost
$1.1 million, matching the sum from Sleeping's Godsinitial Kickstarter effort.

Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies is a cooperative open-world campaign game in which
players explore a big globe represented by a map book. Each player controls one
or more members of a ship's crew – or a cargo ship in Distant Skies – each with
their stats and skills.

The game contains a branching plot that concerns the protagonists attempting to
leave the strange place they have found themselves in. In the original game, this
entailed gathering totems associated with the titular Sleeping Gods. It's unknown
what kind of bizarre pulp-themed plot gamers will encounter in the new game.
Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies is intended to be a standalone sequel to the original
Sleeping Gods, which was launched to critical acclaim last year. The original
Sleeping Gods now has an 8.5 average rating on Board Game Geek, while the new
game has significant gameplay changes. Combat has been simplified by replacing
the original game's check system with a combat card, which eliminates accuracy
and adds a power aspect to the system. The exploring mechanism has also been
improved, with players being able to go via aircraft or foot. Instead of the
previous game's fixed amount of actions every turn, Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies
employs a time track to control activities.

As of press time, the Game found campaign for Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies had
received $1,122,911, nearly matching the fundraising amount for the first
Sleeping Gods campaign. With an $85 commitment, backers will receive a copy of
the game.