Arunava Mandal


Apr, 26.2022

The Apex Legends crew has a history of misbehaving. But, as professional murderers, they've escaped
for the game's carceral-themed Unshackled event, which begins next Tuesday with new looks and a
return LTM. Flashpoint is a restricted option that removes health and shield items from the map (this time
Olympus) and replaces them with, well, Flashpoints—small zones that grant constant healing to
everyone inside. While Phoenix Kits can be crafted for a price, healing will require you to lock down
one of these zones, so expect a fight to wrap up those skinned knees.

Meanwhile, the second part of the event dresses up several legends in prison garb. It's not a topic I'm
especially fond of, but there are a few highlights—the new Crypto's banner, in which he arrives in a car
with a chirpy small drone, is a standout, as is Valk's excellent pastel undercut. These cosmetics, like
those from prior smaller events will be available indefinitely, which is something I'm always delighted to
see more of.

Overview of the Event

Players are thrust into a battle royale game in Flashpoint, with all healing items removed from the
treasure pool. Instead of using things to heal, players must now seek out "Flashpoint Zones." The
flashpoint zones are vast places where players can go to reclaim all of their lost health. Other players
may already be there, causing things to spiral out of control. Instead of being a Collection event, the
Apex Legends Unshackled event is a Thematic event. However, there are still two weekly challenge
tracks in which players can compete for event-themed cosmetics. Players can get a unique charm, an
epic charm, an epic RE-45, and a Seer skin from April 19 to April 26. A unique badge, a rare apex pack,
an epic boxing Nessie spray, and an unshackled pack are among the new goodies available from April
26 to May 3.

Players can earn up to 40 event-themed cosmetics with this new event. During the event, the
Unshackled Event Packs are only available for a limited time. However, following the event, the items will
be accessible in the normal Apex Packs. Players will receive one non-duplicate Unshackled Event item
from the Unshackled Event Packs. Crafting metals can also be used to make Unshackled goods. The
crafting metal costs of any Unshackled Items may be decreased after two seasons. In addition to this
new update, the Thematic Event Tab has been given an aesthetic makeover to make it easier for players
to navigate the menu.

That said, Warriors just had a fantastic event with the return of Apex's secret best mode and the coolest
Horizon skin Respawn has ever created. However, not every event must be a game-changer and
maintaining this cadence of minor and huge events should keep Apex from becoming stagnant.