Exclusive announcement of Frostpunk Expansion and Board Game


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 16.2020

The new pre-apocalypse expansion known as on the edge is coming to Frostpunk and board the game which is supposedly going to hit Kickstarter this fall. 

The new expansion of the Frostpunk for the citizen of New London is the talk of the town. Frostpunk: On the edge is a pre-sequel the expansion which simply shows what will happen just before the icy apocalypse. This new featured gameplay mechanics are in the large map and in the city itself. 


This noticeable trailer alongside the presentation during the Guerrilla collective live, have little more expansion revealed with it.  The board game of Frostpunk is on the way from the creators of both the Nemesis and This way of mine board games which is featured with challenges and morally complex decisions.  A Kick-starter will be available this fall, of2020.

The game Frostpunk: OnThe Edge

Frostpunk is a society survival game where the heat means life and every decision comes along a price tag. The adaptive console of the game with the revised controls and the adjustment mechanics, Frostpuck game allows you to fully test the tactical prowess on the frozen wastelands. 

This game is all about the brand new story with new challenges mentioned in the desolate map as well as unique mechanics. The Frostpunk: console edition is making a huge effect. The Xbox One port is featured with the controller support to enjoy the live experience on the consoles. 

Maciej Sułecki, the lead designer of Frostpunk: On The Edge, said “The Edge symbolizes a cross between what has been the past and what’s new to come. Although the society of New London — the city believed to be the last one on Earth — has survived, it doesn’t mean the struggle is over. The people face new challenges that are catalysts to spark up divisions, new problems, and conflicts based on the fact that people might have different points of view, different perspectives. This is the Edge that you will face as the leader of the society that survived the great snowstorm of Frostpunk.”

In our review for Frostpunk, Jason wrote, “Frostpunk is a horrifyingly playable post-apocalyptic survival game that demands more out of you than most games ever could. Each decision and each sacrifice you make is hard on your city and you. There are so many impossible choices and no-win situations that the game is almost hard to play, but it’s so compelling that you will be unable to step away from it. The only real negative is the sheer overwhelming nature of the world the game is set in, and that is more of a compliment to the designers than anything else. Frostpunk is a truly harrowing game in the best possible way and one that will have you steeped in the harsh reality of eternal winter for dozens of hours to come.”