Persona 4 Golden Gets Surprise Announcement And Launch On PC


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 16.2020

The Persona 4 was a huge craze back in the 2008 and such was the demand that the makers came out with a revamped version named as the Persona 4 golden ps4. The launch was officially declared amidst much fanfare by developer, publisher Atlus. 

This iconic and popular JRPG was the blue boy PS Vita and recently we are witness to Persona 4 golden PC Steam launch. The Persona 4 golden platforms were always exciting and this new PC port has more to offer. It is via use of graphics they have successfully made visually dated games better than ever before. 

The Persona 4 golden ps2 is inclusive of resolution scale, anisotropic filtering and for the benefit of participants, we would like to say that the game runs at higher frame rates. We got reports on some special additions to this latest version and would first like to speak of the Japanese voice over. The English voice over certainly brought life in the characters but this is your scope to experience the fun in Japanese and you must not miss out. This is a key change and the rest remains intact. 

The Persona 4 golden ps3 was renowned to merge social simulation game play and RPG dungeon crawling. One can try it out here too and do expect turn based combat. It is the presence of a heartfelt story alongside, which is also significant. It assists to develop a close bond with the characters you fight alongside. 

The Persona 4 golden walkthrough takes us through an interesting plot and let me start by saying that your base is not Tokyo. The base is the rural Inaba and you are a normal school going guy who spends time hanging out with friends. However, there is also the knack alongside to explore the television world mysteries and even solve serial murders. 

Are you on the lookout for access to this game? One can avail it via Steam and the quote for the standard version is $20 USD. There is also a digital deluxe version and the quote, in this case, is $25 USD. There is excitement on offer and gaming fans must not miss out.