Get Ready to Rumble: Call of Duty Warzone


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 16.2020

Battle Royale has been the dominant trend in multiplayer shooter experiences for a while now. Whether on mobile or PC we have all played at least one game of PUBG or Fortnite or the mobile version of Call of Duty. However, outside phones Call of Duty lacked a battle royale experience even when 2019’s Modern Warfare released. That changed when Call of Duty Warzone was released and to great everyone’s great surprise it was free-to-play as well. 

Warzone has become a household name now for gamers with over 60 million downloads in two months. We are now well past the first season of the game with season 4 being released a few days ago. Though the season was delayed for the black lives matter protests it finally got through and brought many changes to the game like the in-match events in Warzone like Jailbreak, Fire Sale and Supply Choppers. 

The inclusion of these events is sure to spice things up for gamers as there is now literally more to do while you survive. The standard Warzone mode is a typical Battle Royale where you have an arena that constantly closes (deadly gas in case of warzone) in and where you have to scavenge equipment and kill other teams to survive. However, the new season added a new limited time mode called Warzone Rumble. 

Warzone Rumble features two teams of 50 players, and the action takes place on various areas on the Verdansk map. The players will also have quick respawns. It’s almost a big Ground War (a mode in modern warfare) with people constantly parachuting in the frontlines. Now the concept of a 50 VS 50 deathmatch is no way ground-breaking for battle royale games. Some players have complained about the new mode’s implementation in Warzone. 

Warzone is intended to be an intense, fast-paced deathmatch where each team uses co-ordination and tactics to win. While that all sounds good on paper, in practice, it amplifies some of the core issues Warzone has. Most Warzone Rumble matches involve large portions of the team camping on hills and rooftops with sniper rifles. Yes, it’s a camper’s haven and camping has been an issue with Call of Duty players for a long time throughout the franchise. 

In a way, this aspect is quite similar to Ground War. So, most of the time, front line skirmishes don’t happen in Rumble because it’s mostly snipers trying to catch each other off guard and killing whoever tries to approach. 

As Warzone Rumble also allows custom loadouts snipers can bring in any weapon of choice with needing to pay for a loadout drop. Since the respawn times are low, making them lose their positions is also hard. This combined with the removal of armour plates has led to quick kills. However, no mode is perfect and if you're looking for something new to try definitely give the mode a try as well, soon be replaced by something like plunder. You can download Warzone for free from Battle.Net.