Escape from Tarkov’s new and largest map revealed in PC Gaming Show!


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Jun, 16.2020

For those who are unaware, Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic survival first-person shooter developed by Battlestate Games for Windows. As the name suggests, your main objective is to escape from the war-ridden city of Tarkov by siding with one of the military organizations or by looting precious equipment from the sealed areas. The thing that differentiates Escape from Tarkov from other shooting games is the level of realism. This level of realism is implemented in the form of realistic bullet damage, loss of everything on death, etc. Initially, Escape from Tarkov had a closed alpha in August 2016 which was accessible by certain players. Then it had its closed beta in July 2017, and to this date, it still is in its closed beta.


During the PC Gaming Show 2020, an interview with Nikita Buyanov, Chief Operating Officer of Battlestate Games revealed a lot of information regarding upcoming changes and new features for Escape From Tarkov. The interview starts off with gameplay footage of the new map, which is full of abandoned buildings, and streets, just like a ghost town. The character goes in one of the multi-storeyed building and it is shown that the buildings are full of several rooms that are explorable. This hints towards huge loot potential from these explorable buildings. There is a huge amount of level of detail done for this map, the apartments have several rooms with highly detailed features.

According to Nikita Buyanov, Chief Operating Officer of Battlestate Games, this new map will be “biggest and the most detailed location ever” and will represent a “realistic modern city”. Further in the interview, we are told more about the upcoming 12.7 patch. Nikita describes it as a “technical patch”. The area of the Customs location will be enlarged by around 30-40%. He also said that there will be overhaul in the Skills system and talked about the new boss called Senator. He added, saying that this year, Battlestate Games would bring new features and new experiences for the players. No release date was announced for the upcoming patch or the new map.

The interview concluded with Nikita Buyanov asking the ones who are curious about Escape from Tarkov to head over to the official site and check it out for themselves: