Title Update 10 Patch Notes for Tom Clancy’s Division 2


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Jun, 16.2020


The State of the Game live stream on June 10, 2020 revealed a lot of information about the upcoming Title Update 10 for Division 2. In case you don’t know,  State of the Game is a live stream event from Ubisoft themselves, in which upcoming updates, features, and changes for Division 2 are revealed.

To quote directly from their official page, “The Division 2’s Title Update 10, coming on June 16, is a massive free update that will impact all Agents. It will increase player power with improvements to gear and brand sets, as well as increased damage for almost all weapons, including exotics. The update will also boost loot generosity, so players will receive better loot overall and find that vendors have better stock on-hand. Additionally, TU10 will implement some major balancing tweaks and numerous bug fixes.”

Now, today, on June 16, we finally received the Title Update 10. Lots of new things were added and lots of existing ones were changed. We get 4 new exotics, new named weapons, new gears, a new raid, several gameplay changes, bug fixes, weapon balances, etc. The most noticeable additions are the new raid, new exotics, and the new global event. Like who does not like new content and new gears? The new raid is called Operation Iron Horse and just like the update, it is also free.

New Raid - Operation Iron Horse

The True Sons have taken over a Foundry to develop new weapons and threaten to destroy everything the Division has worked for.

  • New bosses, puzzles and rewards!
  • Level 40 version available on June 30th, followed the next week by the level 30 version.
  • Discovery mode will become available at a later date.
  • Unique Rewards
    • 2 new Exotics
    • 2 new Gear Sets
    • New cosmetic rewards
  • Further details will become available closer to the raid’s release in late June.


For the exotics, we will be having 4 new exotics some of which will be available only from the new Raid.

New Exotics

SRS Sniper Rifle: Mantis

  • Your scoped view displays additional information about enemies not targeting you
  • Your scoped view highlights enemy weakpoints
  • Headshot and weak point damage against enemies not targeting you amplified by 50%
  • Headshot kills reset the cooldown of the Decoy skill. This bonus will wait until the Decoy goes on cooldown if currently active

Mask: Vile

  • Status effects also apply a damage over time debuff for 10s
  • Total damage dealt is equal to 50% of your concussion grenade damage and increased by your status effect attributes

Double Barrel Rifle: The Ravenous (Operation Iron Horse)

  • On trigger-pull, fire both barrels at once
  • When fired from the right shoulder, hits add offensive primers, and defensive primers when fired from the left shoulder
  • Hits from one shoulder will detonate all of the opposite shoulder's primers when present
  • When detonated or affected enemy is killed, each offensive primer deals 100% weapon damage, while each defensive primer grants +4% bonus armor and +10% amplified damage to armor plates for 5s
  • Primer effectiveness is doubled at 10 stacks

Magnum Pistol: Regulus (Operation Iron Horse)

  • Headshot kills create a 5m explosion, dealing 400% weapon damage and applying bleed to all enemies hit.
  • High accuracy and base damage

Other than that there are lots of changes regarding weapon balance, bug fixes, other balancing changes, etc. Head over to the official page for Title Update 10 Patch Notes for Division 2 to learn more.