Hitman Absolution now free on GOG


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Jun, 13.2020

Just few days ago, during the PlayStation 5 : Future of Gaming event we got to know about the upcoming Hitman 3. 
More about that here: 
And now, turns out one Hitman game is free thanks to GOG.

For those who don’t know, GOG is currently having its Summer Sale, and its about to end in 2 days. However, just a few hours ago, they made Hitman Absolution free to claim until the sale lasts. Once, you claim the game, it’s yours to keep forever, however, you have only about 2 days to claim it, so do it fast! Here is the link to claim the game: 

To play Hitman Absolution for free, firstly you would need an account on GOG. So, if you don't have an account on GOG yet, follow this link: https://www.gog.com/. Once, you have signed in and claimed the game, you are almost done all you need to do is download and play it. To download you would need the GOG launcher called GOG Galaxy. 
Here is the download link for that: https://www.gog.com/galaxy  
Once you have downloaded and installed GOG Galaxy, login, download the game, and play it! That’s all!

Hitman Absolution is the fifth installment to the popular Hitman franchise. Hitman Absolution is a 2016 stealth, action, third person shooter developed by IO Interactive. It was released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. In Hitman Absolution, you take the role of Agent 47, a silent killer and a top assassin. You are given contracts to kill high profile targets, and to progress, you have to complete various objectives. You can complete your objectives in various different ways and with different types of equipment.