Fortnite Season 3 Leak Seemingly Confirms Underwater Theme Rumors


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 12.2020

The Fortnite Games have already generated much excitement and the third season of the franchisee is being awaited amidst much fanfare. It is lately that there have been some leaks about the upcoming chapter 2 season 3 edition and we would like to share with you. We studied the leaks closely and found out that this edition is about players diving in the water to battle it out. 

The leaks have given out a lot more and you can also get evidence suggesting on what should follow post the Doomsday event. As a participant, you must be ready for a water dive and there is plenty of adventure to explore.  

The first leak was from a Twitter user and it struck his notice that PlayStation store had changed Fortnite’s icon ahead of time. It could have been a mistake but this was an official leak and it has aroused significant interest. The icon photo shows a battle bus slipping beneath the sea. It is however certainly not the first underwater experience for the players. They have had such an experience in the very recent Travis Scott episode. 

The game has generated significant interest and surely plenty of you are eager for the release. The specific release date has been fixed as June 17th and it means this upcoming Wednesday. A source told us that the release date fix has not been smooth and there have been delays previously. 
The global disruption due to the virus has certainly been one reason and lately, it has been followed by the latest social movement "Black Lives Matters". However, they have overcome all odds and the game is set to unfold next Wednesday. 

The hints and leaks have given an indication of an event named Doomsday and that will mark the end of season 2 for Fortnite. Speculations are ripe that the event could rip a watery hole into the map and this would lead to a reshape in the map. There have been similar events in the past. There is more excitement on offer but we prefer having it covered. You must watch out for the release date.