LA Galaxy FIFA player out of the FUT Champions Cup North American qualifiers because of a massive glicth


Samriddha Saha


Mar, 26.2020

Every game has to have certain glitches, no game is just perfectly made. Which is why game testers are hired by the gaming companies to find out the flaws in the game and are paid, just to play the game continuously for hours and try out every possible thing which can be done in the game and report to the developers about any bugs or glitches which are found. EA Sports has been releasing the FIFA series in a continuous row for years and as it seems it has still not been able to satisfy people in terms of the gameplay. Rather, it is gradually turning into a cash cow of EA Sports for years and this certainly has to stop. Five-time FIFA world finalist, Giuseppe Guastella who plays for LA Galaxy, was knocked out of the North American online qualifiers for the FUT Champions Cup in a match deciding penalty kick. The video which shows the LA Galaxy player securing a perfect penalty after the ball hit the post and went in, wasn’t registered in game. And, according to Guastella, the admins running the qualifiers said that it wasn’t a goal because that’s what the game said and they couldn’t overrule it.The video had gone viral and has fuelled renewed criticism for the game after he shared it on his social media platforms. "EA needs to fix these serious issues with the game," Guastella said. "To begin with, NA qualifiers are postponed due to a worldwide server hacking. On top of it all, it's Sunday. I want to spend it with my family. But because I'm a serious professional I decided to proceed with the tournament. "I'm playing in a decisive game. Winner moves on. Loser is out. I kick my last PK, it goes in and does not register. The admins then decide it wasn't a goal, and because of that I'm out of the tournament. "I'm such a passionate player, and compete in this game to my full potential! But how can anyone take the game seriously when EA can't take the game seriously and fix these elementary school issues? If this was any other top-tier professional competing in another esports game, things like this wouldn't happen!" - Giuseppe Guastella