Erangel 2.0 for PUBG Mobile visuals have been leaked


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 12.2020

Leaked. The latest visuals of Erangel 2.0 for PUBG Mobile are leaked as per the sources. The devs of PUBG Mobile have been teasing the release of Erangel 2.0 for the longest time now.  They still didn’t get the release of the map in the game. As per the latest reports, it is be believed that the final release of the reworked map is made on the Chinese version of the game, Game For Peace. This released in the beta version of the game in China. Further, there are other updates with the release of the game.

Erangel 2.0’s new Route Planner and waypoint system are now being added to the game as well. The much better graphics are on their way which can be reworked water reflections. The ultra HD settings are making its way to the game.   
PUBG Mobile has added a new Jungle Adventure Mode to the game which has created a wave of excitement among the masses. Leaks state that the new Jungle mode brought out the latest dynamics to the game. By Deep-diving into the new set of mechanics and astounding features, PUBG Mobile brought the players within the comparatively small Sanhok Map.

PUBG Mobile Jungle Mode: New additions

Hot Air Balloons: The new set of vehicles allow the players to survey the battlefield from the skies, in turn, advancements in the technology are made over opponents. Players will be able to see the location of hot air balloons on the map. Once you board a hot air balloon, you can launch it into the air. The hot air balloon once is up in the sky, the totems are located in the jungle can be observed. This will make it easier for you to find them. After the launch of the hot air balloon into the sky, you’ll need to lower it back to the ground before you can continue exploring. If you think the hot air balloon is descending too slowly, you’ll be able to parachute from the hot air balloon.
Mysterious Jungle Fruit: Players who create their way into Sanhok’s Jungle Adventure The mode will discover Special Jungle fruits spread throughout the map. The expenditure of these fruits gives players a possibility to knowledge the following magical effects, both positive and negative.
 There are 3 buffs and 1 debuff which the players get randomly:
– Exhibit the distance of gunshot, footstep, and vehicle sound markers
– Instantaneously restore 50% Energy
– Exhibit the location of Air Drops
– Create your dizzy and blur your vision.

Lost Treasures: The in-game event “Lost Treasures” is now made available, where the players can come with their friends and strive to hit upon the inexplicable Jungle resources!
Entering this stirring mode is merely based on luck, if you’re in; you’ll find ‘Jungle Adventure’ written on the underside right of your screen. Thus, make sure that you have the Sanhok map downloaded on your device, and when you initiate the map where you may be in.
Stay tuned for more updates.