PUBG Mobile Jungle Mode with hot air balloons, jungle fruit and more is here to make your gaming experience amazing


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 10.2020

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds PUBG is one of the biggest online crazes of the youth and
adults where online multiplayer is allowed. The play as a lone player or by joining a team of at
least four players, together will fight through the map.
PUBG Mobile has added a new Jungle Adventure Mode to the game which created an
excitement among the crowd. Approximating the Leaks said, the new Jungle mode has
unfolded a dynamic and innovative side to the game. The deep-diving into the fresh set of
technicalities and features of the PUBG Mobile has conveyed to the players within the
comparatively small Sanhok Map.
PUBG Mobile Jungle Mode: New additions
Hot Air Balloons: The new vehicle allows the players to survey on the battlefield from the skies.
In return gaining a benefit over the opponents is what it aims for. The Players will be able to see
the setting of hot air balloons on the map. Once you will plank on a hot air balloon, you can
open it into the air.
When the hot air balloon is up in the sky, it is easy to see where totems are situated in the
jungle. This will make it easier for you to discover them. After you launch the need to lower it
back to the ground before you continue exploring should be made possible. If you think the hot
air balloon is down too slowly, you’ll be able to parachute from the hot air balloon.
Mysterious Jungle Fruit: The players who create their method into Sanhok’s Jungle Adventure
Mode will discover it Special Jungle fruits circulated throughout the map. The utilization of
these fruits provides the players with a possibility to familiarize with the following magical
effects, both optimistic and unconstructive.
There are 3 buffs and 1 debuff which players get randomly:
– Exhibit the aloofness of gunshot, vehicle sound markers and footstep
 – Instantaneously reinstate 50% Energy
 – Demonstrate the site of Air Drops
 – Formulate you dizzy and blur your visualization.
In-game event “Lost Treasures” is now available to the players who can come with their friends
and try to stumble on the Mysterious Jungle treasures!
Toward the inside, this exhilarating mode is merely based on luck. If you’re inside, you’ll find
‘Jungle Adventure’ on paper at the bottom right of your monitor. So make sure you have the
Sanhok map downloaded on your device before you start with this, and when you’ll launch the

map you could be in. keep your eyes open for more updates. Till now play this exciting feature
at PUBG.