The Last Of Us 2 Preview Brutal And Ruthless


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 10.2020

The Naughty Dog’s new trailer “The Last Of Us 2 is out and from the initial feedback; we got
one can say that it is a sequel. It was in 2013 that the initial game was launched and after much
wait, the sequel is following. There has been a trailer launch and it does not augur well for Ellie
the lead character.
We were able to take a look at the trailer and it shows a bloody journey. There is loss and regret
for everyone involved. Let me offer you some insights into the trailer recently launched. 
It begins with Ellie now a fully grown adult and she is on the lookout for revenge. There has
been a vicious and violent event responsible for destroying the relative peace, which she has
found in Jackson. We can clearly feel from the trailer that she sets out to bring to justice the folks
The trailer description is also interesting and you will love to take note. It says ‘As she hunts
them down one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional
repercussions of her actions”. This is a strong statement and enough to arouse interest. It has got
plenty of intense excitement and there are clickers, runners or even stalkers. She has to tackle
armed guards, dogs and there is a ruined city to traverse. 

If you have been a fan of the original game, one will feel at home quickly here. There are plenty
of similarities with the original and Ellie once again looks to scope out areas while listening for
enemies. She is also collecting ammunition, but there are also changes. She has the capability to
craft an expendable makeshift silencer for her pistol and even throw ropes in the quest to climb
new heights. It is an exciting game and the lead up to the launch has been rocky.
The initial release was planned during May but the virus scare has thrown everything into
complete disarray. It is recently that a Sony announcement has taken place that the game will
arrive on June 19th and fans are waiting eagerly.