Black Lives Matter" Message Added To Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 10.2020

A social movement started recently is now an integral part of gaming themes. As someone with a
knack for gaming there will be an update if you boot up for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and
There is an added new splash screen to the game and it announces support for the popular theme
today “Black Lives Matter”. This is the all important message for the Call of Duty player
community. The theme is sentimental and the screen displays it to perfection. 
One can clearly read on the screen the specific lines ‘Our community is hurting’. It goes on to
say that the system inequalities in society have once again taken the center stage. It is here that
the Call of Duty and Infinity Ward are a symbol of equality and inclusion. They have stood up
against the injustice and racism, which the black community has to face.
The screen goes on to say that the change will have to materialize. Until and unless the black
lives really matter, the screen says that as a community, we will be lagging behind. There is
indeed an urgent need for change and black lives have to matter. This is the message on the
This screen will show up for every player as you boot the game. There is an additional report
from The Verge and it states that such a message is also appearing on the loading screens. One
can feel it perfectly on switching between various modes. The Call of Duty has earlier promoted
toxic players and in the process has earned some notoriety.
However, it is lately this gaming theme has taken up the initiative to fight against racism. The
particular theme discussed above is just one of the many such initiatives taken to fight racism. In
fact the specific update is that the main reason for delay of season 4 is the murder of George
There has also been a promise from Infinity Ward to combat in game racism and they have
simultaneously boosted up counter measures. It is alongside this that various game brands are
encouraging everyone to donate voluntarily for black lives matter. The gaming industry is
gearing up in the fight against racism.